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What We Do - It's all about focusing on Photography and having fun...

We take pictures - hundreds of pictures - with many different kinds of film and digital cameras.  We have a wide range of activities for all skill levels that include, conducting monthly photo competitions, workshops and educational programs, along with taking the occasional field trip, with one interest in mind...photography



TCCC members and guests at the May 2008 wildflower fieldtrip in Northern Michigan.  Front row kneeling from left: guest Mike Tibone, Amber Robinson, Rick Keffer, Jamie Keffer, Ted Post and Dick Lyon.  Back row standing from left: Ken McKeown, Bud Friesen, Ralph Harju, Elaine Harju, guest Dicie Sizemore, Jackie Volker, guest Ken Sizemore, Jim Lynch, Ron Bonczkowski and Don VanderMolen.  (photo by tripod)


TCCC members and guests at the May 2008 wildflower fieldtrip in Northern Michigan.  A cool overcast day with a few light showers provided some nice light for wildflowers.  Thanks go to Don VanderMolen for scouting the area to find the locations for the group.    


TCCC members and guests at the May 2008 wildflower fieldtrip in Northern Michigan.  I wonder what Jim Linch and Ted Post photographed with the long lenses.  I'm told everyone had a great time and can't wait to go again.  Thanks again to Ken McKeown for providing the photos.


TCCC Wildflower Fieldtrip Guide

TCCC Member Don VanderMolen has provided an identification guide for the wildflowers that were found during the Northern Michigan TCCC Wildflower Fieldtrip in May.   Now the members that made the trip will be able to properly identify the wildflowers for competition and for those of us that were unable to go, we get to see what we missed.   We'll also know what to expect in future competitions.  Many thanks go to Don VanderMolen for all of his help in making the fieldtrip such a success and once again, thanks for the quick lesson on composition, lighting, etc. in the wonderful wildflower examples used in the guide. 

Use this link to print the Wildflower Guide .




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