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What We Do - It's all about focusing on Photography and having fun...

We take pictures - hundreds of pictures - with many different kinds of film and digital cameras.  We have a wide range of activities for all skill levels that include, conducting monthly photo competitions, workshops and educational programs, along with taking the occasional field trip, with one interest in mind...photography



Meeting room building projects and the all volunteer crews...


The print display areas on the walls in the meeting room had some problems, ranging from difficulties in putting and keeping the prints up in the displays, to protecting the prints and painted display areas from the changing temperatures of the walls, that was creating a form of condensation moisture between the prints and the walls and was having an effect of warping the prints and damaging the painted display surfaces of the walls. 

Member Richard "Rick" Freridge came up with a solution and great idea that included building some display panels that would eliminate the problems, make them easier to use, increase the actual display areas and improve the quality of the displays. 

So the first part of the job was to remove all of the old display area materials and give the entire room a new coat of paint.  Then the new display panels were installed and ready for the prints. 

The panels have a black cloth covering and the display prints have self adhesive VELCRO® Brand Hook strips attached that fasten and hold them on the panels.  This makes it much easier to arrange and install prints of various sizes and formats.  With all of the wonderful prints from our members, the end result is a marvelous photo display.

Thanks to all that helped on this project and many thanks to Rick Freridge for his great ideas and help.  It is something that we will all enjoy for years to come.




TCCC members painting the meeting room of the club house March 12, 2008.  Top photos, left to right, Dick Lyon, Richard Freridge, Jim Lynch.  Bottom photos left, Jim Lynch, Ken Mckeown and Dick Lyon.  Bottom right, Gorson Drake, Jim Lynch, Richard Freridge, Ken McKeown and Dick Lyon.  A job well done, Thanks guys. 




TCCC meeting room after painting and with the new Photo display panels installed.
Many thanks go to Gorson Drake, Jim Lynch, Richard Freridge, Ken McKeown, Dick Lyon and Ron Bonczkowski.
The new display panels will be able to hold a lot more prints and everything looks great.  Another job well done, Thanks guys

TCCC meeting room after painting and with the new Photo display panels installed.
Many thanks go to Gorson Drake, Jim Lynch, Richard Freridge, Ken McKeown, Dick Lyon and Ron Bonczkowski.
In the back of the photo and you can see the film slide projection stand that was removed a few years later after the Competition Divisions were amended to exclude the Film Slides in 2010.

Great job and very well done, Thanks guys.



TCCC meeting room after painting and with the new Photo display panels with the prints back up, thanks to Jim Lynch.



An Annual Event...

Changing of the Display Prints on the wall panels on November 30, 2013.

TCCC Members Ken McKeown, Dennis Hafer, Amber Tibone and Tom McCall installed the new Display Prints on Saturday November 30th. 2013
TCCC meeting room after the removal of the Film Slide Projection Stand.


Older Display Prints ready for pickup

The sorted prints that weren't used in the display are ready for pickup by TCCC Members.



Changing of the Display Prints on the wall panels on December 20, 2014.

TCCC Members Amber Tibone, Ken McKeown, Dennis Hafer and Tom McCall
installed the new 2014 - 2015 Display Prints on Saturday December 20th.
We must note that it is Amber's artistic eye that creates these wonderful displays.


Changing of the Display Prints on the wall panels on February 26, 2016.

TCCC Members Dennis Hafer, Ralph Harju, Tom McCall, Elaine Harju and Ken McKeown
installed the new 2015 - 2016 Display Prints on Friday February 26th.
Elaine's artistic eye is what carried the day and created these wonderful displays.


Same Room New Look

After installing the new 2018 Display Prints on the wall panels.
 Tuesday December 26, 2017


The Crew, TCCC Members Amber Tibone with her special helper Annebelle Tibone, and Tom McCall in front, Dennis Hafer and Barry Nelson in back.  We are very thankful that Amber was able to help and apply her many artistic talents to create this wonderful display. 

Many thanks to all of you that contributed prints for the display.  I think everyone, including our visitors and judges will enjoy viewing all of the displayed prints. 




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