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The Twin City Camera Club Website was awarded First Place, Large Club category, in the 2012 Photographic Society of America (PSA) International Web site Competition.


The Twin City Camera Club Website was awarded Third Place, Large Club category, in the 2010 Photographic Society of America (PSA) International Web site Competition.



We Care! 
The purpose of the Twin City Camera Club website is:

To encourage and develop an interest in photography.
To inform, provide contact information, and entertain.
To inform our members and visitors about upcoming activities and events.
To showcase our member's work; it's all about focusing on Photography.
And having fun...




It's all about focusing on Photography and having fun.




Featured Section:


How you would do it?
Where do you go to find it?
Do you recommend it for others?

Share your recommendations, tips and


Shared Recommendations

As the name implies, the following links are being recommended by TCCC Members that have found them to contain helpful information, tips and techniques or tutorials that they would like to share with you.  We all have favorite websites and receive newsletters with photography related things we enjoy.  The Shared Recommendations feature is something I hope we all use to help each other out.  Some of the links will be known to you and may even be in our regular resources and links pages.  Unlike a link there, the ones listed here will be links used by a member.  I hope that you will share your favorites by sending me an email with your recommendations to


Free Software

For those of you that attended the Photo Critique Class on September 25th. this is the Topaz software we were talking about.

Dennis Hafer tells me that Topaz Studio is a Free Photo Editing program.  Dennis says it saves him about 50% of his editing time. 

Topaz Studio a simple to use editing platform with Topaz Labs’ acclaimed photo enhancement technology. It works as both a standalone editor, a plugin within Lightroom and Photoshop.

Find it and more information at this link:

It's Free, please make sure that you have registered an account and are logged in.


The Nik Collection is now free.  This some excellent editing software that has some special features.
Google says they have no plans to update the Collection or add new features over time.  That doesn't mean it isn't going to work, it's still something you might want to have available.

  Find it and more information at this link:


ON1 Effects 10.5 is free.

Your photos.  Your style. Includes hundreds of stackable filters, presets, borders, and textures to help create your style.

Find it and more information at this link:



Free Upgrades

Steve Campbell told me that Photomatix Essentials version 4.1 is now available for download.  This update adds a Crop Tool, resizing options, an improved workflow for loading single photos, and support for the RAW files from some recent camera models.  You can upgrade to Photomatix Essentials 4.1 by downloading it from here:


Dennis Hafer tells me that Topaz Impression 2 Update is ready for downloading.  Get it here:

Read the article about the new requirements, etc. here before downloading.


The upgrades are free of charge for all customers who purchased an earlier version of the software.



This one is from Ted Post.

Presented as the November 2014 Program, several free short videos about how to enhance photos and fix common problems.
Ask Ted for a copy of the videos.

Steve Arnold website.




This one is from John Smith.

John Smith says check out   (posted 032613)

Free live online workshops, including Photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, etc...

You can watch it free at the times of broadcast or when it is Rebroadcast or subscribe and pay the fees to see it anytime.  I've watched several of the presentations and found them to be very worthwhile.  Check it out for yourself.  The posted times are PMT.  So that's a 3 hour difference.  When it says starting at 9 am it means Noon here.  Visit the website, check the calendar for what's coming up and plan on a few hours watching. 

From their website...

Free live online workshops taught by world class experts.
In 2010 renowned sports photographer Chase Jarvis partnered with Craig Swanson to create an online space where professionals photographers could teach specific skills in multi-day seminars to aspiring photographers via live video.

 The site uses an interesting model, in that watching the live online seminars is free, with attendees able to pose questions and interact with each other. There is a charge only for watching recordings of earlier seminars. Apparently this
approach is a good one, since the site states that more than a million attendees have participated in its
seminars and instructors have received "millions" so far in payment.

creativeLIVE will help you grow your creative and entrepreneurial expertise.  Learn from renowned professionals in photography, business, productivity, software development, design, film, video and more.




These are from Ted Post.  

Ted Post says check out  (posted 021613)

 For this month (February 2013) they are offering a lifetime subscription on videos for $20.  You get 5 excellent videos on HDR processing.  A 216 page ebook on HDR processing with Photomatix and Topaz products.  A video on portrait processing and 100 background textures.  Plus any future videos for free.

Ted said he got it and the videos, ebook and textures are excellent, well worth the price.

Lots of good tutorials and Photoshop tips.  His October 13th blog talks about two free file recovery utilities.

Good article on how to do HDR.

The website has three free plug-ins for special effects in Photoshop.




These are from Steve Campbell.  

The Top 99 Chicago area photographic destinations with photos and links.  This is a great resource.

Use this link to view or Print the flyer

Check out (posted 021613)

When "exposing to the right", the idea is to push the peak of the histogram as far to the right hand side as possible, i.e. overexpose the image, without clipping any highlights.  The resulting file, when processed back to the correct exposure, will contain more tonal information and less noise in the shadow areas, maximizing your image quality.

Also check (posted 021613)

 Steve says it looks like you sign up and they will tell you when photographers from Southwest Michigan are getting together to go and shoot things.



This one is from Tom McCall.   TipSquirrel | Nuts About Photoshop is a website dedicated to learning and using Photoshop, Lightroom and Photoshop Elements.  Every weekday they produce a new tutorial, article, quiz or product review with a connection to Adobe Photoshop. Great stuff, check it out and try it, you’ll like it.  For those of you that use it, you can also find Greyson TipSquirrel on Twitter; Facebook; Google+; Vimeo; and Flickr.


The FREE and easy way to transfer big files or photos.

This recommendation is from your webmaster, Tom McCall.  I've been using this file transfer service for over a year and have found it to be very helpful and easy to use. is a web site that allows you to
send up to 2 GB in files per transfer to other people "Free." 

To use the service, the user enters the file(s) they want to send (up to 2 GB per limit, per transfer), the email address(es) of the people they would like to send the files to, their email address, and any comments the user would like to add. To enter the files, the user clicks on “Add files”, and an upload window is opened which allows the user to browse their hard drive for the files they wish to transfer. The user can add as many files as they wish as long as the 2 GB limit is not exceeded.  When the user presses the “Transfer” button, the files are uploaded from the user's hard drive to the site.  At this point, a confirmation email is sent to the user, and email(s) are sent to the recipient(s) containing a download link to the file(s). The recipient simply clicks on the download link, and a download page is opened in their browser where they can choose where to place the files on their hard drive. The recipient then presses the “Ok button” and the files are transferred from the site to the recipient's hard drive.  A confirmation email is then sent to the user letting you know that the file(s) have been downloaded.

The user can send the files to up to 20 recipients per transfer.  If the user needs to transfer more than 2 GB of files, they can simply do so with another transfer.  Files are kept on the servers for 2 weeks then deleted.  The site makes its revenue from the advertising logos and images which are shown on the file upload and download pages.  I click on a few from time to time, it takes you to the advertised site, just to help keep the web site.


Screen shot from Wetransfer web site.


Bud Friesen recommended signing up for Free email newsletters from Tim Grey, a photographer and educator in digital photography, at  I did and now receive the Ask Tim Grey Newsletter, where Tim responds to questions on Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge and Camera RAW.  I also signed up for Elements Weekly, where he offers tips and answers questions on Elements.  I find them easily understood and informative.  Bud also purchases a publication, Digital Darkroom Quarterly from Tim Grey. 




I said some of them would be Free!

This recommendation is from your webmaster, Tom McCall.  I've been receiving email notifications about Plugins from Harald Heim for years.  It is a wonderful resource not only for free Plugins but for all kinds of Plugin information and help.   Instructions, tutorials, reviews and even a forum about Plugins are only a few things offered on the site.  The Plugin Site offers various resources for Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, Photo-Paint, After Effects, Premiere and other applications.  They also develop their own products, including Photoshop plugins, external editors for Lightroom and standalone applications.  This is one you need to check out and while you are at it you can sign up for The Plugin Newsletter. 

Free and Fee Required Photoshop-compatible Plugins






There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs. - Ansel Adams

The term accessories has come to include a host of photographic gadgets of questionable value... -
Ansel Adams

Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art. -
Ansel Adams


We say: to take a photograph, and we also say: to make a photograph.  It is curious that the language should afford this fine distinction.  In the first case, the photographer is the witness to the occurrence; in the second case, he is the creator.  Philippe Halsman (1906-1979)




From Murphy's Law:

Dowling's Law of Photography: One missed photographic opportunity
creates a desire to purchase two additional pieces of photographic equipment.




While developing this website there have been times that I've wanted to be able to speak more personally to all of you when you visit.  I hope that you are able to easily find your way around the site, see everything you came to see, enjoy your visit and return often to see more.  The site was developed to provide members and visitors with a central location to find information, see images and assist in improving photographic skills.


It's all about photography and having fun.


The website is a work in progress and constantly going through changes. Check the What's New page for things that have been added or changed.  In some instances it will be necessary for you to refresh your browser to see the latest additions.

Your suggestions are always welcome and please share your thoughts on how the site can be improved.
Please let me know if you have questions or encounter any problems during your visits.

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