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Photographic Society of America (PSA) Member since March 1947


Southwestern Michigan Council of Camera Clubs (SWMCCC) Member for over 50 years


      - What We Do captured in photos

  - A Message from the Club President

  - Anniversary message from the Club President


  - 75th Anniversary Special Messages


  - Members in the News - Death of Member Ralph Harju

 - The place for an explanation or observation and maybe a chuckle or two

           - Photographic Society of America (PSA) International Web site Competition Awards.


- Events / Activities / Heads Up Notices - The Place to Check for Activities

                - More detailed information about the Monthly Programs



Competition Select Subjects 

2017 - 18 and the 2018 - 19 Monthly

Select Subjects for 2017 - 18   (in printable pdf format)

Select Subjects for 2018 - 19   (in printable pdf format)

        Meeting Schedule:

        Competition Night (Select Subjects)  

        Program Night (Speakers/Programs/Workshops)

        Annual Awards Banquet   See the Announcement page for more info...

        Annual Picnic  TBA

        Special Entry: (Special Events/Workshops/SWMCCC School)


- For Sale / Wanted to Buy



Competition Information

Classes A / B

Competition Season Select Subjects for Select Subjects for 2017 - 18

Competition Season Select Subjects for Select Subjects for 2018 - 19


- Examples of Entry Cards

Competition entry cards (in printable pdf format)


Entries and Information:

Digital Slides




Absentee Entries

Processing and Finishing


Annual Competition

Club Liability

Print and Digital Slide Display


Competition Information (in printable pdf format)

Digital Slide Information (in printable pdf format)



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Our Clubhouse location



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- Membership Information - The Membership process

- Use this link to print out the Membership renewal form.


History of the Twin City Camera Club

- Honor Roll of Presidents

- A Brief Timeline of the Technology of Photography



- Main Links Page


- Local interest and events in Southwestern Michigan, MEDIA and WEATHER

Photography Related Resource Links

- Organizations and Associations, Resources and Information

- Photography Magazines, Contests, Manufacturers and Suppliers

- Seasonal Photo Opportunities, Parks and Nature, Nature/Adventure Travel

- Photo Blogs & Forums, Miscellaneous Resources

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Monthly TCCC Newsletter "ViewFinder" (in printable pdf format)

Competition Stats 2017 - 2018 monthly competitions (in printable pdf format)


                ViewFinder & Competition Stats posted prior to August 2017 - ViewFinder Archives




                - Monthly Honor Image pages for each month.

- September
          - October

- November
          - December
- January
          - February
- March
- April
- May
- June


- Top 3 winners in each category.


- Some images from the 2002 -2003, 2004-2005 Seasons.


  - For Current Photo of the Month Selections, Selected by the Members.


- Photo of the Month prior to the 2017 - 2018 Season.


- SWMCCC News and Events, TCCC Members Top Place Photo SWMCCC winners.


- What We Do captured in photos.


- Members in the News - TCCC members in the news           

 - Death of Member Will Hayes

     - Death of Member Ralph Harju

   - Life Member John Penrod Honored for 50 years in business

   - They call them Megagraphics - You are Here

    - Amber and her Gorilla

   - Ken McKeown featured in local publication

          - Lauren Strach featured in local paper

          - Curtis Drake featured in local paper

- You are Here



- TCCC Member Top Winners, News and results from the SWMCCC Competitions.
           Information and links for the SWMCCC Summer Weekend of Photography and Digital Imaging.



- Free Tips / Tricks / Techniques / Information / Links


   - Imagination by Jim Pittman

  - Ideas – and How They Were Done  by Jim Pittman

- Test images used in calibrating monitors

 - TCCC Wildflower Fieldtrip Guides

- Surrealistic Image Enhancement with Elements 6.0

- Do It Yourself Flash Projects by Ted Post


 - The place for an explanation or observation and maybe a chuckle or two

                                                      - Featured Section - Shared Recommendations
                                                   Where our members recommend photography related sites they use.


- Additional About TCCC in pictures

  - Kevin Reed's; Fernwood; Chicago Auto Show; wildflower fieldtrip northern Michigan

- The Box Factory for the Arts; Krasl Art Fair booth

- Community Awareness show; Venetian Festival

- TCCC clubhouse painting and new print display panels

- Digital Workshop Classes

- Wakarusa Indiana

- May 2008 wildflower fieldtrip northern Michigan


May 2008 Northern Michigan TCCC Fieldtrip Wildflower Guide



- Website Updates / Additions - Find Out What's New or Updated Here

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         - Changes prior to September 2017

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Club Officers / Directors

Organizational Chart  (in printable pdf format)





We Care! 
The purpose of the Twin City Camera Club website is:

To encourage and develop an interest in photography.
To inform, provide contact information, and entertain.
To inform our members and visitors about upcoming activities and events.
To showcase our member's work; it's all about focusing on Photography.

And having fun...



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