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Program Night
May 22nd.  7:30 p.m.

Eric Johnson will be presenting a program on Wildlife Photography.

One year ago this month, Eric presented an excellent program on Wildlife Photography for us and at that time we had hopes that we could get him back for another program.   

Eric tells me that they returned to Africa this past December, spending 10 days in southern Tanzania photographing the annual migration of Wildebeest and Zebra – and the resulting hunts from the big cats. He said returned with 18,000 images that he is still working on, and was extremely fortunate to have photographed a number of rarely seen animals, including a Honey badger, White-tailed mongoose, Egyptian mongoose, a Serval (cat), a Caracal (cat), and an elephant that is reported to have the largest tusks in Africa!  Eric will be sharing some of those experiences, as well as images from several “tortoise” trips, including one that they left on the night of his last visit to our club and said he’ll explain the “tortoise” at the meeting.  He’ll have images from several states, including a fall trip to Maine.  Eric said he's been fortunate to find a lot of new birds and other interesting wildlife since he was here, and looking forward to sharing it all with us.

     Eric will discuss the techniques, tools and the equipment he uses and spend some time discussing the need to fine-tune camera focus, as well as shooting and processing techniques.  The processing techniques, in particular, many may find very interesting; as images straight from the camera rarely look like we see them with our eyes.
Eric Johnson has been a professional photographer since 1983; over the years he has won numerous awards and recognitions, including two “top-ten-in-the-state” awards with the Michigan Professional Photographers Association.  During this same period he had a distinguished career in law enforcement, retiring in 2009 with more than 30-years of service with the Michigan State Police.

Throughout these years Eric has quietly pursued his passion of wildlife photography for his personal enjoyment; his background in portrait photography, combined with the technical skills required of a forensic photographer, has resulted in quality images that only very few photographers can replicate.  He has amassed a library of thousands of wildlife images that represent an amazing world that most will never see.  After years of  being encouraged by family and friends to do “something” with his images, he has finally decided to share and make available on a limited basis these images to those interested in sharing his Visions of Wildlife.

Check out his website:

Come join us on Monday May 22nd. when you'll have the opportunity to learn more about one of the more challenging forms of photography and get to truly enjoy some of Eric's favorite wildlife photographs.



Check out his website:

Update June 1, 2017

Follow-up information from Eric Johnson

Eric said he wanted to follow-up on the auto focus fine tune that he talked about during his presentation.

1. Datacolor SpyderLensCal Autofocus Calibration Aid, is $64, but is completely manual.  I found this was a bit too subjective; I wasn’t always confident with my interpretation.

2. Reican FoCal is what I’ve been using.  It interfaces with a computer so there is no interpretation to interfere with the best results.  B&H has this, as well, but it is much more expensive than purchasing direct and just printing the targets, as opposed to buying “hard targets.” I believe this is around $79.

3. LensAlign Mark II is $84.95, and also interfaces with a computer.  The target seems more logical to me than the one from Reikan, and I am considering buying this one, as well – if I find the need.  I will be doing some additional testing with the FoCal, basically looking for consistency in the recommended settings.  It is time consuming though (they all are), so I’m not sure when I will get to it.

Hope that’s helpful!         Happy shooting!!




African Elephant


Bat-eared Fox


Black-backed Jackal


Cheetah Cubs Playing












Little Bee-eater


Masai Giraffe


Plains Zebra


Rüppell's Griffon Vulture




Thompson's Gazelle


Vervet Monkey







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