A Message from the Club President


Hello, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our 75th year, the Diamond Anniversary, of the Twin City Camera Club!

I think it's fair to say with all of the changes in the past 75 years, culminating with the Internet, computers and digital cameras, it's amazingly different now, considering what the founders of the club had to work with back in the fall of 1933.  That's when six progressive thinking individuals (at least we think they were) got together and formed the Twin City Camera Club.  Granted there have been a lot of changes and things will continue to change.  One thing that hasn't changed over the years is the purpose of the club.  Now, just as it was then, the purpose is to encourage and develop an interest in photography.  That is something we truly enjoy doing.  It's all about photography and having fun.   

Back in 1933, they were taking photographs with black and white film using box cameras and spending hours in a darkroom developing the film and making prints.  Today, most people use digital cameras, the film is some kind of memory card, and the prints are made using computers with inkjet printers.  The nice thing is, no matter what the process, we benefit by seeing some really great images.  

Speaking of images, browse our website and look at the Photographic Opportunities page, and discover the favorite locations where members take award winning photographs, so you can take some of your own.  On the Tips and Techniques pages, you'll find some really amazing images and learn how they were done.  In the Photo Galleries, you'll find award winners for the monthly competitions, the annual competition winners that were judged to be the very best for that year, and the honorable mention galleries that contain winners that did well in the annual judging but missed out on the top spots.  We're sure you'll enjoy them all and find yourself returning to see more.  As you browse the website, you'll learn more about our organization and perhaps want to be our guest at a meeting.  Come visit us on the second Monday of the month, September through June, to experience a competition judging and see even more images.  Browse the website, enjoy a meeting, and discover the many reasons for becoming a member of our wonderful organization.

We are fortunate to have so many talented members with a willingness to share their knowledge and expertise to help others improve their photography.  For a lot of us, it's the love of photography, that compels us to learn new techniques and work with new tools, making the creative process so fascinating.   

Throughout our club's history, wonderful and dedicated member volunteers gave of themselves in so many ways to keep the Twin City Camera Club one of the finest in the state.  It is this valuable support that made possible our successful history, and we want it to always be there as the club continues long into the future.  To all member volunteers, past and present, we say "Thank You" in a deep and heartfelt way.

Come share with us as we celebrate our 75th year.



Ken McKeown, President




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- Anniversary message from the Club President




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