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The members of Twin City Camera Club would like to
share some of the favorite locations where they take
award winning photographs. 

 To encourage and develop an interest in photography


Instructions: Highlight and copy the text after the word Location:  Then click on this Google Maps Search Link or the one near the bottom of the page,  paste the highlighted text into the box where it says "Search the map" then click on "Search Maps".  After the map comes up if you don't know how to get there you can click on "Get directions" fill in the "Start address" box with where you are starting from and click "Get directions".  You will then see the driving directions to the location where the photo was taken.



North Pier Lighthouses on Lake Michigan at the Saint Joseph River,
taken from the dunes in Tiscornia Park.
Canon EOS 20D f/8.0 1/1000 sec 10/14/2006 (Sat) 11:17 AM

Location:  Tiscornia Park  Saint Joseph, Michigan


North Pier Lighthouses on Lake Michigan at the Saint Joseph River,
coated with winter ice, taken from the South Pier at Silver Beach.
Canon EOS 20D f/8.0 1/180 sec 02/13/2008 (Wed) 3:06 PM

Location:  Silver Beach County Park  Saint Joseph, Michigan


Blue-eyed Mary, Trillium, Ginseng and Fungus are some of the things shown here to photograph at Dowagiac Woods.  TCCC member Don VanderMolen is focused in on a Trillium as his photo is taken by Ken McKeown.  Dowagiac Woods Nature Preserve is in Cass County and is a little over 20 miles from downtown St. Joseph, it has fifty species of wildflowers, nearly fifty kinds of trees and at least forty-nine kinds of birds nest there.  Due to the seasonal nature of the plants, it's advisable to check several sources for the best time periods for each kind of plant.  These photos were taken in the first week of May 2007.

Check these websites for more information:  Dowagiac Chamber of Commerce, located in the nearest city and Harbor Country Park Guide, which has information on City County State and National Parks in Southwestern Michigan and Northern Indiana.          

Location:   Sink Road and Frost Street, Michigan

NOTE: The Mapping program will show you the intersection of Sink Road and Frost Street.  Go east on Frost Street about one mile to Dowagiac Woods Nature Preserve.





Map Link for your convenience:
Google Maps Search Link



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