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It's our love of photography that let's us see normal things in an extraordinary way.

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Enjoy the harvest of life, find something to be thankful for...

We give thanks for all of you and to all of you!

Wishing you and your families a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving...


Monday November 27th

Twin City Camera Club's

Program Night 7:30 pm.


Steve Campbell will be presenting a program on "17 Days in Israel and Jordan."

My wife, Callie and I traveled to Israel and Jordan to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.  This was my second trip there but it was a first for Callie.  We departed Chicago and eventually landed in Tel Aviv, Israel.  We spent the next 17 days touring this small country, taking photographs and learning more about the Jewish people.  We spent two nights in the northern region known as, "The Galilee," where we spent time in small towns that dotted the coast of the Lake of Gennesaret. (otherwise known as The Sea of Galilee)


For more information and photos see the page.

This will be an interesting program that you will not want to miss.  I'll be there, hope to see you too.


Shared Recommendations

Free Software
For those of you that attended the Photo Critique Class on September 25th. this is the Topaz software we were talking about.  Dennis Hafer tells me that Topaz Studio is a Free Photo Editing program.   Dennis says it saves him about 50% of his editing time.

Special Note:  If enough of you download and start using this software, we will plan on having a Digital Workshop Class just for it.  I think you will like the software, I do...

See the Shared Recommendations section on the Webmasters Corner page.


Photo of the Month

Selections are now Open for the November Photo of the Month.  The November Honors are on the current page.  Select One (1) Black & White and One (1) Color photo and get your votes in...  Send your picks to:

 Thanks ever so much to all of you for your votes!


Twin City Camera Club's
 Annual Competition Results

The Annual competition is held at the end of each competition season to select the Top Three photographs from each of the competition divisions, Black & White Prints, Color Prints, Black & White Digital Slides and Color Digital Slides.  Competition entries that received an Honor or Acceptance are eligible for this competition. 

The Annual Competition Winners and the list of Scoring Results with the Tie-Breakers and Honorable Mentions can be found on the Annual Competition Winners page.


Members in the News 
Death of Life Member Curtis "Curt" Drake


Photo of the Month

Selected by the TCCC Members


October 2017 Photos

Black & White



Barry Nelson - Bryce Canyon Hoodoos

Bryce Canyon Hoodoos was taken in Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, during September 2017, while on vacation and traveling with a Sarett Nature Center group.  I liked the brilliant colors, shapes and wide view of the Hoodoos.

Canon EOS 7D, Tamron 16-300 lens at 16mm, Exposure 1/160 - F:8 - Iso 200

Post Processing in Lightroom CC for Basic adjustments, setting white and Black points, increase contrast, lens corrections and chromatic aberration defaults and added some dehaze.  Then in On-1 software to add Dynamic Contrast, a little sunshine filter, and vignette.  Into Photoshop to size for competition.

This was my favorite photo taken at Bryce Canyon National Park.

Photo of the Month

These photos are special, because they are chosen by the TCCC members themselves.
Starting with March 2013, we began asking the members to select what they consider the best "Photo of the Month", a Color and a Black and White photograph, chosen from the Prints and Digital Slides that were judged to be Honors in the monthly competitions.

Which one would you pick?

Go to the Monthly Honors page and see which ones you would pick as the best, would these be your selections?

Use this link:  

To see all of the current Season Photo of the Month selections go to the "Photo of the Month" and for Photos prior to the 2016 - 2017 Season go to the "Photo of the Month Archives" page.



From the Annual Business Meeting


Twin City Camera Club's 2017 - 18 and 2018 - 19 Select Subjects

On March 7th. the TCCC Board approved the Select Subjects for the next two (2) Competition Seasons.

We want to express our thanks to all of the members that attended the Annual Business meeting and for their assistance in developing the Select Subjects.  We hope you enjoy searching out and photographing them and we wish you all the very best in the upcoming competitions. 

Be sure to read the Descriptions so that your entries comply with the requirements of the Select Subjects.

  Select Subjects for 2017 - 18

  Select Subjects for 2018 - 19

Select Subjects 2017 - 2018 Competition Season
SEPTEMBER – Churches
OCTOBER – Close-up/Macro
NOVEMBER – Long Exposure 2 seconds or more
DECEMBER – Graveyards
JANUARY – Creative
FEBRUARY – Red/ B&W Patterns
MARCH – Festivals
APRIL– Below the Knee
MAY – Portraits
JUNE – Nature


We plan on having workshops to assist the members in developing their skills to better prepare themselves in photographing some of the Select Subjects.  So please let us know which ones you would like us to cover.


If you have questions or need clarification on any of the Select Subjects, please call me.  269-983-5986


The 2018 - 2019 Select Subjects:

Select Subjects for 2018 - 19

Close up/Macro
Color "Purple" B&W "Texture"
Farm Scenes
Modes of Travel

We are trying an idea about using Close Up/Macro two years in a row to see how it works and to consider having it as a yearly subject like Creative and Nature



Please email the information about Activities or Events that could be announced here.

Thanks,  webmaster.


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